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No Fee - U.S. Only

Alliance One Network

Alliance One is a cooperative network of credit unions and community banks.

When you use an ATM at any participating Alliance One location, you will not be charged an ATM fee by that bank or credit union.

What to Know

  • U.S. only
  • These ATMs will not charge you a fee
  • Debit cards only, credit cards not included
  • Look for this icon to make sure Visa is accepted:
    PLUS Network logo (Visa)
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U.S. or International

Visa Global ATM Locator

Visa connects you to Visa/PLUS ATMs anywhere in the world.

Your UWCU card will be accepted at any of these ATMs.

What to Know

  • U.S. or international
  • These ATMs may charge you a fee
  • Visa is accepted

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