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Loan Payment Extension Request

If you’re concerned about loan payments during COVID-19, UW Credit Union has options that may help.

You can request a total of 6 months (in 1-, 2- or 3-month increments) of no payments for most loans and lines of credit in good standing. Your regular payment schedule will resume after the extension period.

Here's what you should know

  • To qualify, your loan must be current with payments up to date.
  • There are no fees for our loan payment extensions.
  • Extensions do not affect your credit score.
  • Interest will continue to accrue during the extension period.
  • Extensions are not available for payments already made.
  • Please remember to pause any recurring loan payments you have set up in Web Branch. (Internal and external ACH payments are automatically paused.)

Submit one form for each loan you wish to extend. Your new payment due date or amount will be updated automatically in Web Branch after your request is processed, in approximately 5 business days for most loans.

Mortgages may qualify for forbearance, and federally backed loans follow government rules. Please complete this form to determine next steps for your mortgage.

Questions? For questions about your loan or general account inquiries, please send us a secure message in Web Branch or contact us.

Personal Information


Co-Borrower Information

Please provide information about the co-borrower:

Loan Information

You can extend your loan for up to 6 months total. For example, if your previous 3-month extension is ending, you can extend up to 3 more months.

COVID-19 Survey

Please help us better understand how COVID-19 is affecting our members. Answers do not impact your loan extension request.

By clicking submit, you acknowledge and agree to the above conditions.

Is your payment past due? We’re here to help! For overdue payments, contact our Collections Department at 800-533-6773, ext. 2828 to discuss your situation. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, please call our Mortgage Servicing Department directly at 866-912-4871.

Additional loan extension details:
  • Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans, Home Equity Loans, Rapid Refinances: The term of your loan will be extended. A loan payment extension can affect payment protection and GAP coverage; please refer to your agreement for details. Certain vehicle loans are not eligible for payment extensions beyond 3 months.
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs): For HELOCs within the draw period, the first payment after the extension period will include the total amount of accrued interest. This payment may be higher than your past required payments due to the length of the extension period. For HELOCs in the repayment period, the accrued interest will be amortized over the remaining term. For HELOCs with fixed segments, a loan payment extension can affect payment protection coverage; please refer to your agreement for details.
  • Credit Cards: Your minimum required payment after the extension period will be applied to the accrued interest. If you pay more than your required minimum payment, the amount above the required minimum will be applied to your balance with the highest APR.
  • First Mortgage Loans: A loan extension for a first mortgage is classified as a forbearance. Interest will continue to accrue as provided in the original amortization schedule for your loan. The amount you would have paid during your forbearance will become due when your forbearance expires (i.e., if you skip three payments, all three will be due when your regular payments resume).
    • If you are unable to pay the entire amount due at that time, you may apply for a Loan Modification or a Repayment Plan (this will be a separate request you will need to apply for). A Loan Modification would change the original terms of your mortgage, such as payment amount and length of loan. A Repayment Plan would spread out the amount due from your forbearance, added on to your regular monthly mortgage payments, over several months.
  • Private Student Loans: There are two options available to either reduce or suspend your payments for three months.
    • Interest-Only Payments: You will be billed for only the accrued interest each month. This may vary from month to month, depending on the number of days in the month as well as if your rate has adjusted (variable rate loans only).
    • Forbearance: A forbearance will suspend both principal and interest payments for three months. Interest will not be capitalized at the end of the forbearance. Any accrued interest will be paid as you continue to make principal and interest payments when your loan(s) is back in a repayment status. If requested, Firstmark Services will send you a Forbearance Agreement to sign. The forbearance will only be applied after the signed document is received and processed.
  • Emergency Personal Loans (COVID-19 Assistance): These loans are not available for loan extensions.